CEO of Gerald Metals Craig Dean must not be trusted an inch…

*_By Ranger_*

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gerald Metals, Craig Dean

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gerald Metals, Craig Dean, has proven to be someone with a very abhorrent and questionable character as it has been established that he is very notorious for his dubious involvements in various business transactions in which most times he ends up defrauding unsuspecting and good intentioned individuals and Governments. His name is synonymous with everything that borders around crook and criminality, having to grapple with series of lawsuits filed against him and the very company he purports to be heading.
Craig Dean, who used to be a Forensic Accountant Partner at Deloitte and who has no experience in trading or mining but only in manipulating figures and books and lie to the banks before he was hired by the shareholders of Gerald, stands guilty of maltreating workers in his employment as he is known to be very discriminatory against those whom he considers to be inferior and there was an instance when he sexually harassed an employee in the United States of America. “He is very unfair in terms of honoring and paying workers decently,” a close associate of his, on condition of anonymity, intimated adding how at one point in time he wickedly forced a Muslim worker to drink alcohol against his wish.
The criminal minded CEO of Gerald Metals is seriously battling with so many court cases in various parts of the globe bordering on financial impropriety against him. The Government of Congo has a case against his questionable company which is deemed fit to be blacklisted.  He owes some banks huge amounts of monies including the Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) Banks who have lost confidence in Craig Dean and his associates mainly for several corrupt and shady deals across the world especially in Africa where they are alleged to have bribed their ways into several Governments using monies given to them by the RCF lenders.
Regrettably ,due to the fact that there are ill-motivated public figures who will stop at  nothing to satisfy their selfish motives, always quick to mortgage this country to crooks, the Craig Dean led  Gerald Metals surreptitiously bribed their way into the country using top government officials and as well breached several legal protocols and policies governing the country’s mining industry .These top authorities in government illegally signed documents that were outside their jurisdiction to sign paving the way for Craig Dean and Co to spread their tentacles under the pretext of taking over  the Marampa Mine and make it properly functional, lucrative from which the Government and people will stand to benefit.
Since their arrival into this country what has become very glaring is the uncontested fact that Gerald Metals lacks the financial resource it should have to efficiently and effectively operate the Marampa Mines. “What Craig Dean and others within Gerald Metals such as Brendan Lynch, Pat Crepeault- Directors, Mark Tsatskin, Federick Lotti and Doug Strong-Directors, Stephen Palmer- Head of Legal department, David Amar,  Alex Skidelsky- Country Manager for SL Mining and shareholders are now sweating to do is to solicit a loan from credible banks but their efforts have so far proved futile as they are no longer trustworthy based on the fact that they have outstanding debts to settle,” one of his close associates also disclosed.
What was understood from a thorough investigation conducted is that Craig Dean is bent on exploiting the country’s huge deposit of iron ore and gold with the intension of smuggling them out of the country thereby depriving the Government and people of this country from benefitting from its resources. 
“We have learnt of his intensions and we are going to resist his moves to the fullest. He is an exploiter and we will ensure that he gets out of our midst,” a cross section of able bodied young people at Lunsar, in the Port Loko district, expressed their deepest dissatisfaction furthering how maybe Craig Dean thinks they are not mindful of the cases he has with four commercial banks  including SCB, FBN-UK, RMB and Ecobank.
They lambasted our greedy politicians and civil servants who aided Craig Dean to enter this country with his highly controversial outfit known as Gerald Metals and vowed that they will not hesitate to expose them. 

*Special Commentary*
*_Sierra Leone’s huge mines deposits used as camouflage for Clandestine operations_*
*_—Gerald’s/ SL Mining a Clear Case in point_*
It has been firmly established that Sierra Leone’s vast natural resources, in this context, our diamonds, bauxite, rutile, iron ore etc. if the proceeds derived from them were judiciously utilized should have catapulted this to become one of the wealthiest countries not only in Africa but the world at large. Lamentably, greed, selfishness and ignorance on the part of Government officials and the discreet manipulations of   some ill-motivated individuals have create

M Alieu Iscandari on life support from Political disappointment

​By: Unisa Thorlu Conteh

BRAH M Alieu Iscandari na true say you faint wen dem balance u power ? Kekekekeekek
The Global Chairman of C4C had previously declared for the APC party. 
He changed his mind when he was made the Global Chairman of C4C.
However Rtd. Cnl. Idriss Kamara of NPRC and others shatttered his aspirations when he proposed that former VP Sam Sumana  should become the Global Chairman and Flagbearer of the Coalition. 
Iscandari fainted immediately as Bhai Dhawa attempts to hide the facts. What a new Coalition 4 Confusion.

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah (African Socialist Movement-ASM) BLAST MKM



Chernoh Alpha M. Bah (African Socialist Movement-ASM) BLAST MKM: 



“My attention has been drawn to a mischievous social media message being circulated around, which tends to insinuate that I have endorsed Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray/ADP as the only hope for Sierra Leone. This is completely false and mischievous. I do not know anything about Mohamed Kamaraiba Mansaray nor am I aware of his ADP or its ideology. The fact is, I cannot endorse a politician or a political party whose program and ideology I do not know. I know nothing of ADP or its political ideology. So the claim that I have endorsed Kamrainba and his party are completely false. Whoever is responsible for circulating such information is only creating mischief.

Having said that, I did write on a social media forum yesterday in response to a discussion about President Ernest Koroma’s culture of political corruption and bribery of opposition politicians. There was no mention of the ADP/Kamarainba in the said message. My original message was this: 

“In 2012, president Koroma paid Le200 million to executive members of the NDA to endorse his candidacy for president on the eve of the elections. The money was paid to them at the president’s lodge in Makeni. I was in Makeni when it happened. I knew about it because I had rejected the attempt to bribe me on several occasions. I was spokesperson of NDA at the time. I am on record to say I left the NDA because of that reason. I said it on every radio and TV station. No one, including the president’s office and those on the side of the NDA who took the bribe, has ever denied it for almost five years now. And I have been saying it everywhere. I have written about it nationally and internationally. They can’t deny that because it is just the fact. In 2012 also UDM members went on radio and TV complaining that their leader Mohamed Bangura was paid hundreds of millions of Leones to decline his candidacy in favor of president Koroma. These are two major examples. Any candidate, for that matter an incumbent, who bribes his opponents in an election to tilt the contest in his favor commits an act of political corruption. President Koroma has committed numerous acts of political corruption in Sierra Leone.” 

Again, there was no mention of the ADP or Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray in my original message. Those who mischievously added that aspect to my message were doing so in an attempt to dilute the significance of my message. The objective of my message was centered on only one thing: a discussion on President Koroma and his politics of corruption; the rampant bribery of opposition politicians since he assumed power.

This is the fact. I know nothing of the political agenda of the ADP and its leaders”. 

This message is also posted on my facebook page. Feel free to share and help set the records straight.
© Chernoh Alpha M. Bah (African Socialist Movement-ASM)


​MEET Sia Finoh of Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

​MEET  Sia Finoh 

Sia M. Finoh was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa to Ahmed and Alice Isatu M’brewa. Sadly her Mother past away at the age of 26 when Sia was still an infant. Being raised by her father and step mother Elizabeth Bangura Finoh, they fled the county to protect their six children from the unsafe conditions surrounding the ten year civil war and was granted political asylum in the great nation of the United States of America.  Since the age of 12, Ms. Finoh has been a permanent resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Throughout her childhood her parents were instrumental in her determination to improve the lives of others around her. Her mother is social worker with great compassion for people of all kind. Her father a civil engineer, who was influential in various construction projects in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia in the late 80’s and early 90’s such as the Tyson’s Mall, Howard University graduate apartment complex and several subdivision projects in Prince George’s County. She’s a proud Prince Georgian and has committed a generous amount of time in giving back to the county and the community in which she resides.    


Being the Founder and CEO of Education for Africans a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization has given her an extensive outlook on human rights and women rights that impacts communities worldwide. In 2010, Ms. Finoh graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During her tenure at University of Maryland she was a legislative aid to former Senator Nathaniel Exum. This was her political start in increasing her knowledge and gaining hands-on experience in researching and the writing of house bills. This also included corresponding to the district’s constituents and being a part of the planning of Student Legislative Week. This exposure became a pivotal point in her life because it confirmed her passion to empower the community and her activism for women’s rights. In 2015, Ms. Finoh was a single mother with a drive and ambition to further her education and became a proud graduate of American University located in Washington, DC with a Master’s in International Service.  


Ms. Finoh is a proud member of the NAACP, Prince George’s Chapter, Women’s Global Empowerment, Education of Hope, Girls Hope and No Child Left Behind. She’s a devoted mother of three; a son who’s serving in the United State Army and two daughters one who’s planning to attend St. Mary’s University to pursue her degree in becoming a veterinarian and the youngest is an 18-month old toddler.

​Warning over list of ‘women spreading HIV 1’ in FreeTown posted on Social media.

​Warning over list of ‘women spreading HIV 1’ in FreeTown posted on Social media.

Marie stopes clinic Sierra Leone has issued a press release distancing itself form a HIV1 list. The allegedly list of “women spreading HIV 1” in FreeTown was posted on the internet claiming the list is from Marie Stopes clinic. 
The unknown social media user, has posted several names of prominent women  in Sierra Leone mostly​ celebrities saying they are “spreading” the disease by having unprotected sex.
A total of 1000 people have gone on to share the message with their own Facebook friends, whatsspp groups meaning it could have been seen by millions of users.
It is not known whether or not the women on the list  have the disease, which can lead to AIDS. However most have denied the alligations citing bad heart syndrome

​Hawa Kamara denies sex tape leak: “It’s not me on the video”

​Hawa Kamara denies sex tape leak: ‘its not me’ and calls video circulating online “fake”.

A video alleged to depict the Miss universe contestant performing  various​  sex acts went viral after it emerged online.
However, the beauty queen has dismissed the footage as fake.
Our video sex tape experts are now verifying the footage to see if the person on the sextape is our own Hawa Kamara.
She posted this message on her Facebook page:
“So there is a sex video going round whatsapp wae dem say na me. Husie wan low cut hair gyal werr some high boot so. Salone people una don try. Una keep d ball rolling. D wan wae dream n begin share wit me name,please dream some more. 

Meanwhile the voting is still going on. Vote Hawa Kamara as Beauty Queen Of The Year by sending BQY Hawa Kamara to 429 from any airtel line or inbox BQY5 to the National Entertainment Awards facebook page❤”.

​APC To Impound Sam-Sumana’s Diplomatic Passport

​APC To Impound Sam-Sumana’s Diplomatic Passport

The most talked about return of controversially sacked Sierra Leone Vice President, Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana will possible take place on Thursday 13 April 2017.
Sources from the ruling All People Congress (APC) party state that his coming will face serious challenges which will include withdrawal of his diplomatic Passport.
Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana is expected in the country this week for the main purpose of registering to vote in the March 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. 
The APC as a party our sources said was not pleased with the action taken by the sacked vice president and the way he sneaked out of the country with the diplomatic passport.
Some party members said the sacked Vice President has left the party in a state of ridicule.


According to report, ahead of Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana arrival his Lawyer, Dr Raymond A. Atugba has written to President Ernest Bai Koroma and copied in all West African heads of states among other things calling for the guaranteeing of the safety and security of his client.
 Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana sued the government to the ECOWAS Court over his controversial dismissal claiming around $ 210 million in damages.  
Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana was controversially sacked as VP in March 2015 shortly after he had been expelled from the ruling APC party on allegations of lying about his academic qualification, his faith and being involved in anti-party activities.
Allegations he dismissed as false. He later went to Ghana where he has been living since 15 October 2015.
©Salone Times Newspaper



Andrew Keili

It is good to see the top brass at parliament being so insistent on constitutionality- and they all seem to be of one accord. The unfortunate whipping boys of their ire?-NEC and the Attorney General’s office. Our new “guardians of the constitution” chose a very topical issue-the elections and drew a red line (in this case a green line as well!) beyond which they could not allow both errant institutions to cross.

According to the “unified” Parliament whose members seemed to be singing from the same hymn sheet, NEC had no right continuing with the election registration process when they knew they had not fulfilled their required obligations to Parliament. It has been an interesting debate and civil society, probably smelling something fishy from the parliamentarians who they have often suspected in being complicit in bastardizing the constitution and not engaging in lengthy informed discourse of legislative issues was understandably restive. All the same it would appear that this time Parliamentarians were on terra firma. 

The “errant” institutions were called in. First the Chief Electoral Commissioner came in for some tongue lashing. Then the Deputy Attorney General was called in and later the Attorney General himself. NEC in its defense said that it had as far back as November of last year laid on the AG’s table its proposal for delimitation alterations but the AG’s office had sat on it for nearly 6 months, only bringing it to parliament on 16th March after registration was well underway. The view of the  Attorney General that he could not have come with the two instruments in January because the census results were still provisional  and that when eventually the President made a proclamation on the census it was already February was discounted.
Whilst the AG was treated with kid’s gloves the NEC boss fared worse. Prior to his ruling, the speaker of Parliament had accused him of “procedural and constitutional breaches”. An APC Member of Parliament for Constituency  96, Hon. Alhassan Kamara representing Calaba Town called for the NEC boss to resign because of “incompetence”.

At first it seemed like the whole spate of events had been stage managed with the intention of stopping the registration process and putting the election date in doubt. Concerns were raised about the boundary delimitation process and the redistricting. These had not been ratified by Parliament was in contravention of the constitution, the MPs claimed. Civil society was restive and they made sure they turned up in parliament in their numbers. They went on the air and put out press releases, Social media was in overdrive and there was general suspicion of the MPs’ motives. If this was a carefully planned ploy to throw the election date into confusion and in effect bring about “more time”, it soon became apparent to the MPs that they may face a lynching mob should they try anything  untoward. The “reasonableness” of the MPs came into play- they would not do anything to stop the registration process nor would they encourage changing the election date but the law had to be followed. Finally every one breathed a sigh of relief-at least for now.

The MPs finally voted unanimously for the withdrawal of two statutory instruments that were deemed to have not been properly laid before the House of parliament. Members of Parliament through the Speaker requested the Attorney General to go and hold consultation with NEC to see how best they can address the issues relating to the Constitutional Instrument No 43, which deals with Ward Boundary Delimitation and Statutory Instrument No 46, which deals with Constituency Boundary Delimitation. Parliament claims both instruments were not properly laid before the House.

It would appear that at least for now the election date is sacrosanct. How Parliament will handle the two issues of ward boundary delimitation  and constituency boundary delimitation remains to be seen but no doubt they will find a way out without contravening their “sacred constitution”. Civil society meanwhile prowls around waiting for any suspicious signs from our new “guardians of the constitution”.

On another issues the House Speaker showed his respect for fairness and the rule of law by supporting the ouster of the erstwhile majority leader Ibrahim Bundu: “Because the Leader of the House, Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business has expressed his intention to vie as a Presidential candidate in the forth coming elections, and he holds the position of Leader of the House, the Leader of the House is not only for the APC but of the entire House. There will be no more confidence in him as to his being fair and just to the House since he is now a Presidential candidate,” he said.“I’m therefore under instructions by the Leader and Chairman to relieve him of the position….”.

“What are” going on?, as Vamboi would say-the speaker calling for fairness and claiming this house is not an APC House? I hope our SLPP MPs heard this and made it register in their heads!

Anyway all is well that ends well. Now that out new “guardians of the constitution” are ready to guard it jealously one year to the end of their term, there are a few things they could still do to burnish their newly earned credentials. Let me suggest a few.

1.Ask the Executive, what plans there are for the referendum after having spent so much time and resources on the Constitutional review process

2. Hone in on how we are going to fund the electoral process so it does not get stifled at any stage?

3. Follow up on all outstanding issues raised in Audit reports in concert the relevant Parliamentary oversight committee and the ACC.

4. Carefully review all new bills to ensure that their provisions are in the wider interest of Sierra Leoneans.

It will obviously be impertinent of me to ask too many questions especially when our Parliamentarians have undergone such a wonderful conversion. We know that Saul changed his name to Paul and eventually became a pivotal figure in the Christian Church, “fighting the good fight”. Questions I am dying to ask though is, which central powerful force, like happened to Paul forced this conversion? Will the conversion like Paul’s last forever through the life of this Parliament? Will there not be another “little constitutional issue” that may threaten to derail the electoral process? I can only urge our new “guardians of the constitution” (green and red armies)to continue with the good fight, keep the faith and win the race for Sierra Leone. Congratulations to our Parliamentarians for their conversion o the road to Damascus!
The case of the reluctant candidate

I haven’t of late been hearing the name of Mines Minister Minkailu Mansaray in relation to the APC ticket. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when a sales pitch was made for him in one of the papers. I will quote verbatim, so the author is not misunderstood:
“The (APC) is presently full of aspiring flagship members to succeed President Koroma, but sadly from the continuous calls from the general membership to get Hon. Minkailu Mansaray throw his heart into the ring. ….In fact, many are saying almost all of the people currently eying the highest seat of the land within the party severely lack some of the most significant leadership qualities, such as integrity, generosity and accountability… Hence the reason the majority of the ordinary people now backed by most stakeholders within the party and beyond are asking Hon. Minkailu Mansaray to show his interest in the APC flagship ………… As a result, generativeness remains low, wages remains low, unemployment remains endemic, and the ability to keep the economy going on positive for a very long time remains elusive. In this way even if Sierra Leone is ascending, it’s not transmuting. It’s not becoming larger and stronger economically to deliver its social service deliveries for the good of its people with depth. But we know what that requires, and this is why the APC need a successor to President Koroma like Hon. Minkailu Mansaray.” 
What a sales pitch! Only Salone Donald Trump of the PDP can better this as his own policies are so clear especially when he wants to send us men fishing while he is in the blue house with the ladies-Fatmata and Asma-are you there?
Keep this news away from the Kpa Mendes

I have seen the look of disappointment from my Kpa Mende brethren when they could not get a goat to celebrate one event or another-and they have many, especially when you are a “Lawa”. A friend lamented to me that goats were getting scarce in Kpa Mende land. I was therefore surprised that of all the places they could send goats in their numbers, Kor Mende land was chosen over Kpa Mende land. Thanks to Awoko for this story.

“As a way of discouraging members of the Gender Model Families (GMFs) along the Gola Forest area from eating bush meat, the Social Enterprise Development Sierra Leone (SEND) has provided 400 goats to farm families. Each GMF received a pair of goats (a male and a female). The Distribution exercise took place at the Chiefdom headquarter town of Nomo Chiefdom, Faama Town. The purpose of the distribution is to discourage the GMFs from eating bush meats or dead animals, which has the tendency of causing or spreading deadly virus transmissions…..According to the Nurse-In-Charge at the Peripheral Health Unit (PHU) in Nomo Chiefdom, the distribution exercise will immensely contribute towards the prevention of the three hemorrhagic fever in that part of the country…..The farm families who received the goats pledged avoid eating bush meat and to take good care of their goats.The project is funded by Welthungerhilfe (WHH) through SEND Sierra Leone, GMFs from five Chiefdoms, Malema in Kailahun district, Koya, Nomo, Guara and Tunkia Chiefdoms from Kenema Chiefdoms.

What a laudable project and please keep the news away from any Kpa Mendes you may know. We do not want an invasion of Kor Mendeland-at least not before the elections!
Election rogues

Just when you thought there would be no way the registration system would be used for personal gain we are now receiving news of rogue elements using the system to their own ends. I do not know if the accusation about a rogue registering people in a room at night in Hill station is true but if it is it must be swiftly stamped out. There is also the story that people are selling their space in the registration line for money. They line up very early outside the booths and take their numbers. They then disappear and sell the prime space to “lazy” buyers who don’t want to wait for long. Well.. “man live by man”!

Ponder my thoughts

Ex-Sierra Leone Veep calls on Rawlings, asks for safety back home

Ex-Sierra Leone Veep calls on Rawlings, asks for safety back home


President Rawlings in a pose with Chief Sam-Sumana and Dr. Raymond Atuguba

Former Vice-President of Sierra Leone, Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana has called on the international community to ensure that the political leadership in his country guarantees his safety in his bid to register as a voter during the ongoing voter registration process.

Chief Sam-Sumana says he has been unable to exercise his right to register as a voter for fear of his life and safety as well as that of his family.

The former Vice-President who was dismissed under controversial circumstances by President Bai Koroma in 2015 reiterated the call when he called on former President Jerry John Rawlings at his office in Accra on Wednesday. Sam-Sumana informed the former President he had taken the matter of his dismissal to the ECOWAS Court of Justice seeking an enforcement of his fundamental human rights, describing his removal as unconstitutional. The court has set April 25, 2017 for the hearing of the matter. A letter authored by Solicitor for Chief Sam-Sumana, Dr. Raymond Atuguba and addressed to President Ernest Bai Koroma, requested the President to “provide security for the safety of his client, his family, supporters and well-wishers as they take steps to participate in this all important political process.” The voter registration process opened on March 20, 2017 and closes on April 16, 2017. Presidential elections are scheduled in Sierra Leone for March 7, 2018.President Koroma sacked Chief Sam-Sumana as Vice President in March 2015 for ‘abandoning’ his duties but the latter stated that he had been compelled to seek asylum in a foreign embassy because his life was in danger.

​Why ‘Governor Clarkson’s Prayer’ Is Now Obsolete

Why ‘Governor Clarkson’s Prayer’ Is Now Obsolete
By Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop)
If a British man comes to Sierra Leone and starts speaking to you in Shakespearean or Victorian English, surely you would dismiss him as someone not only behaving out of character but someone who is not in sync with contemporary English. And if a Sierra Leonean comes from Europe and says the country should now be ruled by the 1924 Slater Constitution or the 1951 Stevenson Constitution; I bet my lunch that you are sure to dismiss him/her as someone who is sick in the head.

With such a premise in mind, I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that many Sierra Leoneans are still holding sacred “Governor Clarkson’s Prayer for Sierra Leone” and even hanging those framed words on the walls of their homes and offices. Why would sane and nationalistic Sierra Leoneans still cling on to something that is reminding them of subjugation and colonialism? Why would Sierra Leoneans, in this day of enlightenment, still believe that a personalised last Prayer of a departing colonialist is the panacea for protecting their country? 

Is Sierra Leone still a Colony? Of course not! Then why are many Sierra Leoneans still accepting a Prayer that was prayed for a Colony not a Republic? Why is the national broadcaster still playing the translated Krio version of that Prayer as a start-of-transmission opener? The answer is simple: They still have the Slave Mentality and are yet to grow up from their master-servant psyche! 

To all intents and purposes, “Governor Clarkson’s Prayer for Sierra Leone” was, and still is, an insult to the collective pride of Sierra Leoneans. It is the thought process of a colonialist who believes that he and his ilk were coming to Africa, Sierra Leone in particular, to bring civilization to the heathens. This notion is seen in the Prayer where Lieutenant John Clarkson (that is his full name and title) refers to our great grandparents as “unbelieving people” who were living in “accustomed darkness and barbarism”. Such phraseology echoes many paragraphs in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” (1899) which Chinua Achebe, in his 1975 public lecture on that novella, describes as “an offensive and deplorable book” in which the author “blinkered…with xenophobia”. 

All what the Prayer is about is how to subdue Sierra Leoneans to accept colonial rule. Governor Clarkson prays for “the great cause in which we have embarked [upon]” and “in so great and glorious a cause” or “the cause I have embarked [on]”. He is only re-echoing the British thinking at the time of building the British Empire through exploitation and blatant human rights violations. Never in the entire Prayer Point (excuse me for using a Born-Againish jargon here) does he refer to Sierra Leone as a country or a nation but repeatedly says “this Colony” or “our Colony”. In fact, the word “Colony” appears four times throughout the Prayer to show that Sierra Leone, then, was the sole property of the “Sierra Leone Company” which later transferred ownership of the “settlement” to the then British government. 

What those who are hanging the framed words of Governor Clarkson, on the walls of their homes and offices, should know is the fact that Lieutenant John Clarkson was one of the central figures in establishing a slice of the British Empire in Sierra Leone. In this Prayer, he brings out the conspiracy and collaboration between organized religion (Christianity, in this case) and Colonialism. He says: “O Lord, the inhabitants of this vast continent…incline their hearts towards us that they may more readily listen to our advice and doctrines, and that we may conduct ourselves towards them as to convince them of the happiness we enjoy under thy Almighty protection…” In simple English, Governor Clarkson is inferring that God has always been protecting the exploiters and leaving the exploited unprotected! Here again, he is trying to remind us of how Christianity was used as an exploitative tool by the Colonists to defraud our forefathers of both their lands and dignity. 

Students of Sierra Leone History are mindful of how the “Sierra Leone Company”, of which Lieutenant John Clarkson was an agent, hoodwinked Koya Chiefs like King Jimmy and King Tom into relinquishing large swaths of their chiefdoms to Thomas Clarkson who was the elder brother of Governor Clarkson. So, why should nationalistic Sierra Leoneans glorify a Prayer from the mouth of a Governor who used trickery to acquire lands to start the foundation of a slice of the British Empire?

Another reason why “Governor Clarkson’s Prayer for Sierra Leone” is obsolete in modern Sierra Leone is the fact that it doesn’t conform to the country’s secular nature. Currently, the Muslims are in the majority while even the animists or those who practise traditional African beliefs are aplenty than the Christians. But Governor Clarkson prays for everyone in “this Colony…to conduct themselves as Christians… and getting acquainted with the merits of thy Son, our saviour Jesus Christ…” This comes out as very offensive to the religious sensitivities of most, if not all, Muslims in present day Sierra Leone. Asking devout Muslims to conduct themselves as “Christians” is repulsive as it is abominable to equally ask them to accept that the Almighty God indeed fathered a son!

As I see it, such a Prayer might have been relevant when Sierra Leone was under the influence of the “Sierra Leone Company”. It might also have been relevant when Sierra Leone was under Colonial rule. But now that Sierra Leone is a Republic, methinks it no longer has any relevance to our collective sense of nationhood! So, why would sane Sierra Leoneans still hold sacred a Prayer that glorifies Colonialism; makes mincemeat of the country’s religious sensitivities, and makes us believe that Britain was doing us great favours by shattering and adulterating our cultures and traditions? I am now appealing to fellow nationalistic Sierra Leoneans to tear down the “Governor Clarkson’s Prayer for Sierra Leone” that is currently hanging on their walls. Throw the damn thing down your cesspits! And “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” (to quote the late Bob Manley). 611-986